Empower your Business with Social Value

Social Value is
now indispensable
corporate resources.


New World where Every
Business pursues Social Value

Figure (left):World where profitability is only metric to attract resources
Figure (right):Ideal world where both social value and profitability are metrics to attract resources



1.Business Reform Leveraging Social Value

Tailor-made solutions to the business challenge of your company.
We can have the social value of your company vizualized and expanded, and made the most of for increasing sales, attracting investment and acquiring talents.

We have the following three components to be used in alignment with your needs.

  • Social Value Visualization
  • Formulation of Impact Investing Program
  • Business Development utilizing Blockchain Technology

Area of Business

Our solutions to customers’ management issues are visualizing and improving social value of the business.

We use our unique Lean Impact Model (*) for corporate strategy planning, execution and operational process reforms.

In addition, we are also able to tackle not only business chalenges but also socio-economic structure issues by planning and executing impact investment projects and grant projects.
picture of area of buisiness

Service flow

Please tell us about your business challenges.
We propose solutions to the issue by sheding light on the social value that your business already has and also the value that your business may generate.
service flow chart

2.Knowledge and Information Sharing Service

Knowledge and information sharing service on social value of various activities regardless of profit or non-profit, for the executive. Aiming to formulate an informational platform, to realize “Social Value Centric” value circulation.


Conception, Deployment and Execution Expertise on Social Value Realization

Using the Lean Impact Model (LIM)*, we embed hypothesis verification system on social value into business daily operation process. We make the most of ICT technologies to track the index for shortened PDCA cycle, accurate measurement, and low-cost evaluation.

●Lean Impact Model


Company Name: Token Express Co., Ltd.
Common Stock: 4,500,000 JPY
Founding Date: 2019/9/5
Address: Metropolitan Plaza Building 14F, 1 Chome 11-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0021
CEO : Mr. Takatsugu KONNO
Contact : inquiry@token-express.com


Metropolitan Plaza Building 14F, 1 Chome 11-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0021


CEO Takatsugu KONNO

Takatsugu KONNO

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, joined Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2009 and engaged in socio-economic development finance for 8 years. Moved from JICA to consulting firm and provided services from mid-sized company to big listed firm on operational reform. Founded Token Express Co., Ltd. in 2019.
MBA, IE Business School, Spain.


2009-2011 Country Officer, Middle East Android Europe Department, JICA
2011-2013 Assistant Director, Financial Cooperation Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
2013-2016 Representative, Egypt Office, JICA : Contributed to develop micro-finance market in Egypt, especially achieved to legalize micro-insurance and establish industry groups
2017-2019 Consultant, Amelys Co., Ltd : Provided consultancy services on corporate operations for big and medium companies
2019.9 Founder and CEO, Token Express Co., Ltd.


“Various worlds around microfinance” (Japanese only)
2014-2018, Microfinance information site operated by five microfinance experts (including the CEO)
Details about the worldwide microfinance industry from the perspective of officer of international organizations and financial institutions.

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