Mission & Service (Eng.)

We provide the following services utilizing blockchain technology to achieve our mission, “Change the way of exchanging value“.

    • Corporate solutions on international money transfer

Blockchain technology has already shown intellectual way to transfer monetary value across borders in peer to peer fashion.  However, the benefit on international money transfer can be enjoyed only in the case that the both ends are well prepared and knowledgeable to send/receive the monetary value, i.e. crypto-currency.
Our service package for corporate customer provides the best way to install institutional platform to avail the international money transfer over crypto-currency between the corporate and its customers and business partners.

    • Web application “Token Express System” for any individual customer

Our web application “Token Express System (TES)” enables the best communication over crypto-currency transaction at a distance from each other.
Ether, ERC20 and ERC721 is available on TES.

Public beta version is available. Join from the button below.

Token Express Sytem

    • Research on “Blockchain for Sustainable society”

We consider the blockchain technology is made the most of for not only the economic aspect but also the social benefit.  Token Express Co., Ltd. is committing to take the active role to reveal the potential of blockchain technology for social wellness and improvement of people’s life.

Theme examples:  Value transfer from/to developing countries, Education, Operation of non-profit organization